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Mio – Soffor

augusti 18, 2009


Client: MIO

Advertising agency: Dolling Stjernholm The Producers

Director: Senay & Kolacz

DoP: Fredrik Bäckar

Art Director: Pia Wallin

Post production: Sto.p.p

Sound: Plop

Music: Mattias Tegnér

Producer: The Producers


Ipren – He will battle your cold.

augusti 17, 2009
Client: McNeil Sweden AB
Advertising agency: Garbergs Jesper Kouthoofd Inc
Director: Jesper Kouthoofd
DoP: Crille Forsberg
Music: Mattias Tegnér & Christian Olsson
Post production: Sto.p.p
Production service: Applebox Asia
Producer: The Producers